Submission Tips

Guidelines for mystery shop audit.

Submission Tips

Guidelines for mystery shop audit.

Outside Areas

The following outside areas are inspected in detail for cleanliness:

Shop front, car park, footpath, facia, signs, windows, doors, corners, edges, lighting, posters straight and in date.

Internal Areas

General observation includes;

All lights in working order and colour, the standard of cleanliness of all floors, walls, shelving, doors and the checkout area.

Date check – one out of date is an automatic fail, SELs on all products. Standard of merchandising quality and range.

Dairy area – clean shelves, clean gullies, pricing, range in stock.

Off Licence – clean, in stock, range, pricing and product information.

Checkout area – clean, tidy, product priced. Staff appearance – name badges, eye contact, smile, engage in conversation, friendliness.

Food to Go – clean glass, cabinets, corners & all areas behind. Display and range for time of day, pricing on all product.

If the department is closed there will be no loss of points if the hot and cold cabinets are spotless and reflect best practice.